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Love Heals Cancer and support 100,000+ cancer patients with free Onco-Nutrition Consultations this World Cancer Day


This World Cancer Day, Love Heals Cancer (NGO with a vision of saving & healing lives from cancer) and startup (India’s most comprehensive Integrative Oncology healthtech startup), are offering free Onco-Nutrition Consultations to 100,000+ cancer patients. This initiative is based on clinical evidence showing that clinical Onco-Nutrition can significantly improve treatment responses and survival rates, with studies indicating up to 40% lower mortality for those adhering to professional dietary guidelines.

BENGALURU, January 30, 2024: In India, there are approximately 6 million cancer patients, with over 70% diagnosed at advanced stage, leading to a mortality rate of 63%. This high mortality rate can be attributed to limited access to healthcare facilities and a lack of insurance coverage for 36% of patients. Even when insured, cost of cancer care is very high starting from Rs 4-5 lakhs for early-stage treatment and going up to Rs 20 lakhs average for advanced stage treatment. Research indicates that 30-50% of cancer types are preventable, and many can be effectively treated with timely intervention. Integrative oncology, an approach combining medical and complementary treatments, aimed at treating the whole person, not just the disease, has shown promising results. Patients who followed integrative oncology protocols saw an improvement in survival, highlighting the importance of this approach in cancer care.

Within Integrative Oncology, Onco-nutrition stands out as a critical element. There is strong clinical evidence showing that 40% of patients who adhere to a well-structured diet have a higher survival rate. This is likely because the right foods can reduce inflammation, creating an environment less favourable for cancer to grow and may lower the risk of the cancer coming back. However, access to Onco-Nutrition as a standard part of cancer treatment remains a challenge for many, underscoring the need for broader integration of these dietary strategies into oncology care.

Love Heals Cancer and are committed to addressing the gap in Onco-Nutrition access by supporting 100,000 cancer patients with nutritional guidance. Their protocols have already supported 200,000 patients, significantly improving their quality of life, managing side effects, and increasing their chances of cure. A recent study they published at the Indian Cancer Congress 2023 revealed significant improvements: 71% of patients experienced a 50% increase in their quality-of-life scores, while 68% reported better pain management, and 65% saw a reduction in fatigue. This initiative aims to extend such impactful benefits to even more patients.


Expanding the reach of integrative oncology services, Love Heals Cancer and are actively collaborating with a diverse network of healthcare partners. This includes doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, and corporate entities. This collaborative effort is crucial in furthering their mission of providing integrative care to cancer patients across different settings.

Dimple Parmar, founder of and Love Heals Cancer, states, “This World Cancer Day, as we focus on the theme ‘Close the Care Gap’, our free onco-nutrition consultations aim to fill a crucial gap in cancer care. We recognize the multifaceted nature of cancer treatment and are dedicated to addressing the often overlooked, yet vital, aspect of nutrition in patient care.”

Kishan Shah, founder of and Love Heals Cancer, says, “Our ongoing collection of patient data has shown significant improvements in quality of life for those following our integrative oncology protocols. We’re committed to extending these benefits to more patients, enhancing their quality of life through our comprehensive program.”

Patients can avail free onco-nutrition consultation by calling +919930709000 or visiting


 About and Love Heals Cancer

Love Heals Cancer, a Section 80G-registered NGO, was founded by committed caregivers Dimple and Kishan in response to their personal encounters with cancer. While Dimple lost her husband to cancer, Kishan saw the suffering of cancer patients first hand., founded in 2019, is India’s most comprehensive value-based Integrative Oncology Care provider with a vision to saving and healing lives from cancer. Their approach is holistic, incorporating integrative treatment into medical treatment, to enhance nutritional, psychological, and physical wellbeing. Their mission is improving quality of life and increasing chances of cancer cure. Together, both organizations have touched the lives of 200,000+ cancer patients, organized 1000+ events, and reported improvements in quality of life of more than 71% patients. 


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