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Bollywood Actor Ayaan Khan Elevated to State Vice President of BJYM Jammu Kashmir United Territory


Celebrated Bollywood luminary and esteemed Youth Icon of Jammu & Kashmir, Ayaan Khan, ascends to a new echelon in the realm of politics. With his nomination as the State Vice President of Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) in the Jammu Kashmir United Territory, Ayaan Khan further solidifies his stature as a pivotal figure in regional affairs.

Originating from the heart of Downtown Srinagar, Ayaan Khan’s narrative transcends mere geographical confines, embodying resilience and unwavering dedication amidst challenging circumstances. In the face of adversities and threats posed by radical elements, his steadfast commitment to the ideals of national integration remains unshaken.

Ayaan Khan’s foray into the political domain is a natural evolution, given his illustrious history of championing patriotism and fostering communal harmony in Kashmir. His notable contributions to initiatives such as Mission Har Ghar Tiranga and his exemplary humanitarian efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic have earned him widespread admiration and acclaim.

On June 17, 2023, he joined BJP alongside thousands of his ardent supporters at a historic event in Srinagar J&K and became a member, and on February 1, 2024, he was unanimously nominated as the State Vice President of BJYM J&K UT and appointed as a Star Campaigner for the upcoming elections.

Insights from close associates reveal strategic initiatives aimed at leveraging Ayaan Khan’s extensive influence as the star campaigner for the BJP in the impending 2024 elections. Through meticulously crafted campaigns and targeted outreach endeavours, Ayaan Khan endeavours to disseminate the visionary ethos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi while leaving an indelible imprint on the political landscape.

Parallel to his political commitments, Ayaan Khan’s fervour for cinema and music finds expression through the establishment of Misty Cine Films (MCF), a pioneering entity in North India’s cinematic and musical milieu. Through MCF, he continues to invigorate the cultural landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, providing a nurturing platform for burgeoning talents while fostering an environment conducive to creative exploration.

In addition to his political and cultural endeavours, Ayaan Khan’s upcoming musical project, set for an early 2024 release, has garnered widespread anticipation among fans and aficionados alike. Titled “Heartbreak,” this musical endeavour promises to captivate audiences with its emotive resonance and melodic finesse.

Acknowledged twice as the Youth Icon of J&K and the Shining Star of J&K by the Lieutenant Governor, Shri Manoj Sinha, Ayaan Khan’s contributions to the socio-cultural fabric of the region have been lauded and recognized at the highest echelons of governance.

Ayaan Khan’s designation as State Vice President of BJYM in Jammu Kashmir United Territory, in consultation with BJP Jammu Kashmir United Territory President Shri Ravindra Raina ji, signifies a culmination of his burgeoning influence and leadership within political circles. As he persistently defies conventional paradigms and inspires transformative change, Ayaan Khan emerges as an indomitable beacon of hope, enriching the societal fabric with his resplendent journey.


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